Beyond Games is a based team of world class artists, designers, and engineers with a passion for production quality, attention to detail, and designs that favor collaborative goals, shared spaces, massively concurrent systems, and strategic depth.

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We build games with massively concurrent shared spaces where groups of players cooperate and compete to achieve group goals atop the most performant, scalable server technology ever created for games. We're aiming to change the industry with a new brand of connected game design. Sound like your thing? :)

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Modern Games

2048 Treasure Game is a puzzle game that can be played from both terminal (phones or laptops). 2048 Online Game is a reinterpretate game by developers and this online game pay for your skills if you will reach the score of 2048 or 4096.

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Our experts will partner with you to design tailored solutions to help transform your business. We will then train your team so that you can get the best return on your investment. Phasellus vehicula venenatis turpis eu mollis.

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What is our process


We work with all stakeholders to uncover the current state of your business, key objectives and vision.


We take what we learn from you, we come up with a strategy and design the best fit solution for your needs.


We partner with you to implement your new technology against a defined programme, managed by our experts.

Why partner with us?

We are experts in what we do We are vendor and technology agnostic One master agreement for all your services We support you 24×7